Activation of Cherry City Software OLEDB Provider for MySQL

If you read my previous post, How to install MySQL Connection Provider, you know that installation of the provider is just the first step. Yes, you can test the connection, but any attempt to run a query against your MySQL database will result in an error saying "MySQL OLE DB provider has not been activated". 

I was stuck for a while with this error - it doesn't direct exactly to a resolution of the issue. I analyzed the code of SelectCompare and found nothing wrong with it. I googled for some information about the error message. I found some old pages that referenced the message, but no solutions. 

This made me think - after all, if Google doesn't show relevant results, there must be something wrong with the question, right?

I realized that the words "OLE DB provider has not been activated" do not apply to technical problems with the provider, but to the licensing of the provider! You have to activate it to use it in any of your applications, including SelectCompare.

To activate the provider, you have to execute the "Activator" utility located in the installation folder of the provider. In my case it is "c:\Program Files (x86)\Cherry City Software\MySQL Provider\"

You have to execute the Activator.exe utility with admin rights. I must say I had some reservations as the Activator.exe code is not signed. But everything went OK in the end.

I followed the instructions on the Cherry City Software provider activation page. They are very straightforward. You select the provider that you require and then you run the Activator.exe on your workstation (with admin rights!). 

 Cherry City Software OleDB Activation


The Activator.exe utility generates a Passcode that you have to enter into the form on the provider activation page. After doing so, when you press the Submit button, the page will display the activation code for the provider. Paste it back to the Activator and click Activate Provider link. 

Cherry City Software OleDB provider activation

 The application will disappear for a second or two and after it reappears, the checkbox "Activated" will be selected.

I hope you'll find this post useful - please let me know if you have any questions about the process!

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