How to install MySQL Connection Provider

SelectCompare can connect any ODBC or OLEDB data source. You only need to install the data provider, and when it has been installed, you can use SelectCompare to connect to the respective database and compare its data with any other data set that you wish.

OLEDB Data provider installation

There are several different OLEDB providers for MySQL. In this example, I will use an older, but still popular provider implemented by Cherry City Software.

You can download the MySQL data provider from the download page.

After you download the archive, extract its contents to a folder and run the setup. This is a pretty standard installation wizard.

MySQL OleDB provider installation - CherryCity installation wizard

Follow the installation wizard until the installation is complete. You will have to have administrative rights on your machine to install the provider.

When the Cherry City driver is installed, you need to activate it using the procedure described in this article:

  • Activation of Cherry City OLEDB provider for MySQL

    Once the provider is installed, you can create a new connection in SelectCompare.

    Create a new connection in SelectCompare

    Start SelectCompare, then go to the Connections page SelectCompare data connections button and click Create New Connection button SelectCompare Add New Connection button.

    Using the data connection wizard

    Click the Create New Data Connection button. On the dialog window, select the <other> Data Source and the .NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB from the Data provider dropdown:

    Create New data Connection - Select OLE DB provider

    Click OK.

    On the next dialog window, select the MySQL Provider from the OLE DB Provider dropdown:

    Select MySQL Data Provider for .NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB data source

    Finally, enter the server name, including port, if it is not default, and your database name, user name, and password details:

    MySQL Data Connection details - select database, provide username and password

    When you press the "Test Connection" button, you should see confirmation that the test was successful.

    Testing connection to the database

    When you close the connection setup dialog, the connection string will be generated and displayed in the Connection String edit box.


    MySql OleDB data connection string - edit connection string in SelectCompare

    Finally, you can test that the connection works again and save it with the Save data connection button.

    The faster way

    Copy the following connection string to the Connection string box in SelectCompare. Edit the Data Source (your server name), database name, user name, password, and test the connection.

    Provider=OleMySql.MySqlSource.1;Data Source=<your server, port>;Password=<strong password>;User ID=<user name>;Initial Catalog=<database name>


    SelectCompare allows you to compare data between various data sources. Now you know how to connect to MySQL database, so you can use SelectCompare in your project.

    I hope that these instructions are helpful and you will be able to connect to your MySQL database easily with SelectCompare. If you have any questions - please let me know!


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