Installation of Postgres ODBC driver

SelectCompare can compare data from various data sources, including a well-known and excellent PostgreSQL database. To connect SelectCompare to Postgres, you have to install the ODBC driver.

The official driver can be downloaded from the official Postgres page:


The page lists all drivers that have been released since 2001 - so please ensure that you select the most recent version of the package.

In my case, I selected the 64-bit version of the most recent driver available at the time of writing this post:

The installation process is quite straightforward: double-click the psqlodbc_x86.msi installation package and follow the instructions on the screen.

After the driver has been installed, you should be able to select it from the SelectCompare and build your connection, however, the easiest way is to modify the connection string and paste it to the SelectCompare connection string edit box:


Driver={PostgreSQL UNICODE};Server=your_server_name;Port=5432;Database=your_database;Uid=user_name;Pwd=user_password;



ODBC Postgres connection string in SelectCompare

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