SelectCompare version 1.5.0 released!

We are happy to announce that the new version 1.5.0 of SelectCompare has been released!

The version has several improvements and bug fixes and should help you to compare the data providing an even better user experience.

Here is a list of changes in the application:

Dark mode

Many professionals prefer a dark mode for their work environments. SelectCompare supports now the dark mode, which can be selected at any time with a single button click.

List mode

While tile view has many advantages, it is more convenient to see your projects and connections in list mode in certain situations. The list mode can be selected directly from the projects or connections screens.

Selectcompare application with enabled dark mode and list view.

The list mode has been implemented for the connections screen too!

Improved sorting of projects

We made some improvements allowing you to sort the projects in a way convenient to you. We noticed that the professionals use certain data comparison projects more often than others so it made sense to add the ability to sort the projects based on their last run date.

Bug fixes

A couple of small issues have been addressed in this release. Here is the list of them:

Data comparison summary

The summary of the data comparison was not visible on the comparison results screen. Now the number of records for each comparison category is displayed at the top of the screen, along with the names of the data sources.

Data comparison results in SelectCompare

Excel report

A bug preventing export to Excel when the "By query" results view was selected. The issue was not affecting the comparison but limiting the export options.

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