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Graph extensions in SQL Server 2017

We have been talking a bit about graph databases in recent posts. Data Modelling and Monty Python What are the advantages of using a graph database? The rise of the graph databases. Well, it turns out that also SQL Server jumps on the bandwagon and makes first steps towards graph processing.  In the first release, the functionality will be a bit limited, but you can write some workaround code for certain types of graph traversals. The functionality of the first release is explained in the FAQ article on the Technet blog.   There are advantages of the SQL Server solution. SQL Server has become an industry standard and one of the main players on the RDBMS market. The graph functionality...

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The rise of the graph databases

Relational databases have been with us for a long time. They are not going anywhere, don't worry. There is however a category of problems, for which the relational databases are not best suited. The technology development in recent years allow the graph databases to emerge from academic research and theoretical concepts.

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