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Activation of Cherry City Software OLEDB Provider for MySQL

If you read my previous post, How to install MySQL Connection Provider, you know that installation of the provider is just the first step. Yes, you can test the connection, but any attempt to run a query against your MySQL database will result with error saying "MySQL OLE DB provider has not been activated".  I was stuck for a while with this error - it doesn't direct exactly to a resolution of the issue. I analyzed the code of SelectCompare and found nothing wrong with it. I googled for some information pertaining to the error message. I found some old pages that referenced the message, but no solutions.  This made me thinking - after all, if Google doesn't show relevant results, there must...

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How to install MySQL Connection Provider

SelectCompare can connect to without any problems. You only need to install the data provider, and when it has been installed, you can use SelectCompare to connect to the respective database and compare its data with any other data set you wish. OLEDB Data provider installation There is a number of different OLEDB providers for MySQL. In this example I will use one older, but still popular provider implemented by Cherry City Software. You can download the MySQL data provider from the download page. After you download the archive, extract its contents to a folder and run the setup. This is a pretty standard installation wizard. Follow the installation wizard until the installation is complete. You will have to have...

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How to compare database schema with baseline

It is easy to create a comparison project to compare the schema of tables in a database and a saved baseline stored in Excel. After all, the database schema is stored in system views, and contains full information about your columns, data types, stored procedures and other elements of a typical database. For this post, I limited the schema information to the list of columns returned by the query  select * from information_schema.columns Note: This post uses SQL Server databases AdventureWorks2014 and AdventureWorks2008 databases as example environment, but you can connect any other database technology - MySQL, Oracle, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and more! Create your data baseline I selected the columns information from AdventureWorks2008 and exported it to an Excel workbook using SelectCompare....

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