Version 1.3 of SelectCompare is now available

This version implements a number of performance improvements.

  • Some of the users reported problems with excessive usage of memory during export of data to Excel spreadsheets. The issue has been resolved - it is now possible to export data sets as big as 500,000 rows without any problems.
  • The export to Excel also creates a chart in the workbook that shows visual statistics of the compared data.

Data comparison Excel chart

  • Performance of the comparison of larger data sets has also been improved. The  comparison of data sets bigger than 20,000 rows slowed down significantly in previous versions. The problem was related to the management of the key columns that user must select to perform the comparison. The procedure assumed very conservative approach to handling null values of the keys, what had a negative impact on the performance. The less restrictive approach has been adopted, allowing for comparisons of hundreds of thousands of rows. 

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