SelectCompare editions

SelectCompare is available in three versions:

Trial Edition

This is your perfect start. Trial edition is a fully functional version that allows you to create one data comparison project and unlimited number of data connections. 

The Trial Edition will allow you to evaluate SelectCompare for 14 days - plenty of time to try your various ideas and compare the data you always had to compare, but you did not have the right tools!

Personal Edition

SelectCompare Personal Edition allows you to work on a number of comparison projects - create up to ten projects, with unlimited number of connection definitions.

This is a perfect choice if you have a couple of data comparisons that you run frequently.

Professional Edition

You can create unlimited number of data comparison projects and organize your work the way you want it. Unlimited number of data connection definitions adds another level of flexibility. This choice is perfect for you if you work intensively with data and compare different data stores on daily basis.

New in version 1.3.5: Command line data comparison support! Integrate your data comparisons into CI/CD pipeline or automate your daily tasks with a batch!