Compare Your

SQL Data

SQL Comparison

When you work with data, you have to know it is correct. You have to compare data between data sources to know that your process is working, or the report for your boss is correct.

Have you noticed how often you need to compare data?

Is it YOU?

Running SQL Server queries to compare data and schema is a daily job of many IT professionals. Do you create linked servers, clone databases, copy data to a spreadsheet or a file to compare it later?

Write your queries with filters and aggregations and receive the comparison results in no time. Reuse the queries and comparison definitions - save time! Even if one of your data sources is not SQL Server - don't worry! SelectCompare can compare data as long as you can connect to the data source and write a SELECT query.

Make this job easy!

Still not convinced?

Watch this video showing how easy it is to compare SQL Server data with SelectCompare!