SQL Comparison

Have you noticed how often you need to compare data? Have you ever copied data to Excel, imported CSV files to a database, created temporary tables to store snapshots of your data?

Why not make this job easy?

SelectCompare gives you a unique way to compare data in databases.

You are here because you know how to write a SQL query. Write query with filters and aggregations that you need and immediately review the comparison results. Sounds good? But there's more - You can create a baseline that you can use for later verification of your data - visit our blog to find out more examples!

YES, you can compare two completely different data sources!

Download the now - no strings attached.


Find out more about editions of SelectCompare

Personal Edition - data comparePersonal Edition - create up to TEN projects and unlimited number of connections.

Professional Edition - data compareProfessional Edition - create unlimited number of projects and unlimited number of connections!

Free Edition - data compareTrial Edition - create ONE project and unlimited number of connections

Still not convinced?

Here's a short video showing how easy it is to compare data with SelectCompare!

Visit our blog for more information about database comparisons and to find out how to harness the power of SelectCompare.