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SelectCompare is a data comparison utility designed to make your job easier and faster than ever before. Sit back and think, how much time you have spent today on data comparison? Do you realize that data comparison is a daily routine activity, even if it is disguised as reporting, database maintenance or support?

You need to be sure that the results you see on the screen are correct. How do you achieve this? You compare your results to a desired baseline or an expected result. That's data comparison! When you compare data, you want to get your work done quickly and effectively.

SelectCompare lets you create data comparison projects you can reuse to make your work easier and faster. You can remove most of the repetitive tasks from your work day. You can do more, and spend less time doing it. Write an SQL query to select data for comparison from each data source. Any data source. Our users cherish the ability to compare their data with baselines or reports stored in Excel format.

Please read some articles describing how easy it is to compare data with SelectCompare:


This short video shows how easy it is to compare data with SelectCompare.

Visit our blog for examples of running data comparisons with SelectCompare.

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