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Write Select Statements for Excel Spreadsheets

SelectCompare allows for data comparison of Excel spreadsheets, as well as other data sources with simple, unified interface. You may be initially anxious about writing an SQL statement to pull data from your Excel, but it is actually pretty easy! This post will show you a few examples of writing queries against your spreadsheet that you will be able to use right away for your Excel data comparison. If you want to find out how to connect to an Excel workbook, please read another post on this blog - Compare Excel Spreadsheets You will see below how to query Excel spreadsheets, specify ranges of columns and rows, and write simple filters that make SQL so powerful. In a general sense,...

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Create Excel baseline for your data

When you work with data, it is very useful to create a baseline to which you compare your data set. For example you can create the baseline from production data, and compare the results of a process you are implementing after the changes were introduced. This is a huge benefit for controlled environments: SelectCompare will highlight the changes in the output, and you don't have to query the production system anymore! Create Excel baseline from source data It is very easy to create a baseline in SelectCompare. When you create a project, write a query that will return the data you will want to use as the baseline. Use the required logic to extract the data that you need. Run the...

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Compare Excel Spreadsheets

Comparing Excel Spreadsheets - Why? Business and Data analysts, Developers and QA testers often have to verify their data is correct. Microsoft Excel is used to create a snapshot of "good data". Reports are captured and copied into Excel, data is exported and distributed as the model to use. SelectCompare allows you to compare Excel spreadsheets in the same way as other data sources. This post is going to show you the process of creating data connections to Excel workbooks and comparing data between two spreadsheets. Hava a look at the Excel data comparison use cases - there is plenty more! Where do I start? First, you have to install appropriate driver to connect to the Excel workbooks. It is an easy...

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