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SSMS 17.4 has been released

The SQL Server Management Studio became a standalone product that has a separate release cycle from the SQL Server itself. I think this is a good direction, as the SSMS can be developed now in much faster pace and meet the demand for features more timely.

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Enum data type in MySQL

While investigating features of MySQL database engine, I came across an interesting concept: the enum data type.   The enum data type allows for defining static data ranges that can be used as values of certain attributes. These ranges typically are quite small - for example marital status consists of 'Married', 'Single', 'Widowed', 'Divorced', 'N/A' . These five values can be encoded as an enum data type column. For example, we can define a table in the following way. create table Person ( FirstName varchar(50) not null, SurName varchar(50) not null, MaritalStatus enum ('Married', 'Single', 'Widowed', 'Divorced', 'N/A') not null ); Please note this is a very simplified code. Enum in MySQL has a certain feature - the values in rows...

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