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Assisted data comparison

Data comparison is an often overlooked problem that many IT professionals have to approach in their daily work. Without even realizing it, they spend a significant portion of their time comparing the data. In many cases the data comparisons are implemented ad-hoc: developers, QA testers or DBAs write SQL queries that return rows with differences between data sets. Often the data to compare do not reside in the same data store - they have to be pulled in to a location where it is possible to execute a query. This takes time. This takes mental effort. This creates opportunity for mistakes. It turns out that there are many data comparison tools, varying with their capabilities and price. These tools can...

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December release of SQL Operations Studio is now available

Microsoft has published an update to the new tool in the portfolio, the SQL Operations Studio. The utility is implemented as a cross-system, universal tool that allows you to work with SQL Server databases, Azure SQL and SQL Data Warehouse on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The new release contains a number of improvements, and you are most welcome to download and test the utility.  It is open source now! What is more, if not most, important though is that the SQL Server team decided to open source the utility and publish the source code in a GitHub repository. This means that the changes to the tool will reflect the real users' needs and the utility will evolve in the direction desired by...

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SSMS 17.4 has been released

The SQL Server Management Studio became a standalone product that has a separate release cycle from the SQL Server itself. I think this is a good direction, as the SSMS can be developed now in much faster pace and meet the demand for features more timely.

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