Data Comparison

SelectCompare can help you with the comparison of your data and make your job easier.
Data comparison is a daily job of many professionals like you. You came here because you need an easy way to compare data. Do you create linked servers, remote tables, and copy data to a spreadsheet or a file to compare it later? It is painful, isn't it?

SelectCompare offers you a unique way to compare data in your data sources.

Write your SQL query to select data for comparison from each data source. Any data source.

Write a data comparison query with filters and aggregations that you need and immediately review the comparison results.

Reuse your comparison definitions and queries to save time! Save the results of queries to Excel spreadsheets and use them as a baseline for your next comparisons!

You can create a baseline that you can use for later verification of your data - Check out our blog to find out more examples!

YES, you can compare two completely different data sources!

Still not convinced?

Here's a short video showing how easy is data comparison with SelectCompare!

Visit our blog for more information about data comparison and to find out how to harness the power of SelectCompare.